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Urban motorcycle helmet Mârkö Helmets :

The French brand Mârkö Helmets has been designing motorcycle helmets for large cities and urban areas for several years. It is known for its classic helmets in the vintage spirit of the 60s and 80s, today it offers helmets for all styles from neo-retro to sporty, including urban motorcycle helmets.

History of urban helmets :

Currently large cities are developing, and this is creating more and more traffic jams. Traveling by car is becoming complicated for city dwellers, the main causes being traffic and speeds regulated at 50 or even 30 km for cities like Paris. Today, more and more people travel by motorbike, bicycle, scooter and public transport for greater ease and speed. Following this change in mode of locomotion, it was necessary to develop helmets adapted to urban life, the jet or semi-jet helmet therefore appeared with a design adapted to the city center, a light weight, an aerodynamic helmet, a wide field of vision to more easily spot dangers and significant ventilation to prevent sweating on your journey. The Mârkö Helmets brand has therefore created its own range of urban helmets for optimal comfort and protection for all city dwellers.

The Grasse half-jet helmet :

The Grasse half-jet helmet is a new helmet inspired by helicopter pilot helmets, chic and elegant, it knows how to satisfy motorcyclists or scooter riders thanks to its style and urban design. The demi-jet is less enveloping on the face because it is shorter on the cheeks and neck, generally women bikers prefer this type of helmet. The Grasse is a very light helmet with its polycarbonate shell, it is composed of a clear visor and an integrated sunscreen for optimal comfort and protection when driving a scooter or a vintage or custom motorcycle. In fact, the Grasse helmet goes perfectly with a vintage look, a leather motorcycle jacket and gloves in colors like beige.

The Jet Electron helmet :

The Electron is the jet helmet to have if you want a versatile, technical helmet with great value for money! This helmet is made up of a long, foldable and removable visor and an integrated sun visor, to give the helmet a sportier look and more comfort on sunny days. Mârkö offers a removable smoke visor. The inside of the helmet is removable and washable in case of perspiration during high heat despite the vents located on the top of the helmet. The shell is made of 3D foam for greater comfort and protection of the jaw and skull. The scooter or motorcycle helmet has a chin strap with a micrometric buckle closure for greater ease and best adjusted to the size of the helmet.
The Jet Electron helmet is available in 8 different colors from matte black to bright orange to satisfy as many people as possible.

The M-Jet Fiber helmet :

The M-jet Fiber from Mârkö Helmets is recognized for its modern and ergonomic design to accompany you during your trips on a Vespa or on a new electric motorcycle. The helmet is designed to have a wide field of vision, it is ECE approved like the previous helmets which allows you to ride in Europe with complete peace of mind. It is also designed to install a Bluetooth intercom, one of the motorcycle accessories very popular with motorcyclists and for communicating with their passengers. The M-Jet Fiber is made from a composite fiber shell for a lighter, quieter and more comfortable helmet. inside the shell, notches are provided in the foam to slide in sunglasses or glasses. The visor is anti-scratch and anti-fog treated for a longer lifespan. The motorcycle helmet is available in 5 colors: glossy black, matte black or even titanium.

The M-jet Carbon helmet :

The M-Jet Carbon is a particularly complete jet helmet: integrated sunscreen, ventilation system, removable interior, micrometric buckle, wide screen for good peripheral vision in built-up areas. The M-Jet Carbon helmet is one of the most popular Jet helmets among urban motorcyclists. This is the logical result of its ergonomics and modern all-purpose design. It is also ideal for daily city commutes and short trips. The helmet is both lightweight thanks to its carbon shell and will offer you an excellent field of vision.
The M-Jet Carbon wicks away moisture efficiently thanks to its removable and washable Alcantara padding. Its lining is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, this headset allows the installation of your MARKOM Bluetooth communicator thanks to the presence of a device allowing you to accommodate your speakers.

Conclusion Mârkö Helmets urban ranges :

The range of urban motorcycle helmets is part of the motorcycle equipment to have on two wheels in urban areas, it is modular whether you are on a motorcycle or scooter. Remember that wearing a helmet is mandatory, so it is important to choose a helmet that is the right size and not too large for your head size for greater safety and with ECE and/or DOT approval. Mârkö Helmets offers other biker equipment such as tinted visors, motorcycle masks, motorcycle glasses and even caps for jet helmets.

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