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Classic motorcycle helmet Mârkö Helmets :

Mârkö is above all a beautiful meeting.
It was by chance that the three founders of the brand met 9 years ago not far from Embrun in the Alps. From trips with friends to serious discussions, their shared passion for two-wheelers pushed them to create a first helmet together in 2012.
All three passionate about adventure and long winding roads, today they continue to produce helmets with this same adventurous spirit.
The world of two wheels is full of many styles, but one of the nerve centers is surpassing oneself, borders, adventure.

History of classic helmets :

The first real motorcycle helmets appeared after the war, adopting a vintage look and today Mârkö has been inspired by period helmets to develop its range of classic helmets. This range is made up of 5 models, all different from each other but which remain in a neo-retro look.
There are 2 types of helmets: jets and full-faces.

The full Dark Side helmet :

This motorcycle helmet is new for 2023. It is a complete neo-retro, with a unique look and clean lines. The motorcycle helmet is made with a composite fiber or carbon shell. Its visor allows it to have a style that leaves no one indifferent and thus breaks the codes! The Dark Side is unique and aggressive. This helmet was designed to suit vintage motorcycle enthusiasts but also for athletes and has the new CE 22.06 approval. The big new thing is its Full black visor right down to the hardware and its downward design which gives the illusion of riding with a jet but with the security of a full face helmet. The Dark Side is available in several color variations, all sold with the smoke visor. All you have to do is choose the style that will match your motorcycle perfectly. The Dark Side helmet combines elegance, safety, lightness and comfort in a neo-retro look and will be your ideal partner for your motorized adventures.

The Full Moon full helmet :

The Full Moon motorcycle helmet is inspired by the full-face helmets of the 60s, it provides better protection because it covers the entire face in the event of a fall with its chin guard. The Full Moon is one of Mârkö Helmets' flagship products and is the only one to be a 100% classic and vintage full-face helmet. This elegant helmet combines safety, lightness and comfort and will be your ideal partner for your motorized adventures with your café racer, scrambler or chopper motorcycle. The French brand develops helmets that are customizable, the Full Moon visor can be removed to change the color with a smoked visor but also to replace it with a mask for an even more retro style! The interior of the helmet is also removable to allow washing of the antibacterial fabric toy foams which easily accommodate an intercom, for your communications with your passenger on your journey for example.
Many colors such as beige, Matte Black or titanium and finishes are available such as the carbon helmet which allows for a lighter helmet.
Since 2021, the Full Moon has dual ECE and DOT approval, which allows you to ride internationally.

The Jet The classic helmet :

Let's continue with the brand's other flagship model, the open-face the classic, which goes perfectly with a leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of vintage motorcycle gloves. The Classic, an ECE approved jet helmet which will allow you to accompany you on your biker rides with its different colors which are all more vintage than the others (from shiny black to silver). Mârkö has developed a quality helmet with a full-grain leather interior for optimal comfort during your rides on a Harley Davidson or Triumph.
To adopt a vintage style, the helmet is equipped with a clip at the back to hang an aviator or cross mask that can accommodate prescription glasses that you can find in the accessories on the Mârkö Helmets site and it also has pressure to put on a cap.

The open-face Boréal helmet :

The Boréal from Mârkö Helmets stands out with its clean lines and the modular side of the helmet. The helmet has two visors: a first long transparent visor to protect the face from the inconveniences that can be encountered on two wheels which can be removed to replace it with motorcycle glasses that can be replaced and a second sunscreen visor integrated into the jet helmet. The Boréal has a timeless neo-retro style that adapts very well to a more urban style.

The Elements Jet helmet :

The Elements motorcycle and scooter helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell, it will provide you with protection and comfort for your travels with easy storage in your top case or scooter. It has a clear visor with anti-scratch treatment for better visibility and a wide field of vision. The Elements goes perfectly with urban motorcycle equipment. The jet helmet is suitable for extreme heat, it is very well ventilated and breathable and can accommodate sunglasses to protect you from the sun's rays.

Conclusion on the classic range :

The classic helmets from Mârkö Helmets, inspired from the 60s to today, go well with a vintage café racer style motorcycle but also with a new generation scooter. These are women's or men's motorcycle helmets that fit perfectly to the biker's head! For optimal comfort of that already offered by the brand you can add an anti-fog pinlock.

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