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Mârkö Helmets Grand Touring motorcycle helmet :

The French brand Mârkö Helmets has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets for all styles for several years. It is known for its classic helmets in a vintage spirit, today it offers more sporty helmets, and also urban motorcycle helmets.

History of Grand Touring helmets :

The helmets are intended to be aerodynamic, comfortable and practical for long journeys with reduced weight and optimal soundproofing.

The M-Tech modular helmet :

The M-Tech is a very complete technical modular helmet. It consists of an integrated sunscreen, a ventilation system, a removable interior and a micrometric buckle. It will satisfy motorcyclists in urban areas and those who cover kilometers on expressways thanks to its modulation.
The M-Tech is ergonomic, comfortable, lightweight and versatile with a modern design. For greater lightness, the M-Tech has a carbon version in addition to the 5 other colors offered in composite fibers. The headset is sold with a Pinlock and is designed to install your Bluetooth communicator. The entire interior shell can be easily dismantled in order to wash it.

The R-ONE full face helmet :

The R-ONE full-face motorcycle helmet is a new helmet from the Mârkö Helmets brand, it has been designed and designed for riders who want a sporty, racing and comfortable helmet. Several users tested the helmet on the circuit and a lot of positive things came out of this helmet. Today the Carole circuit in Ile de France has even chosen the R-ONE to equip the participants of the driving courses. The R-ONE is a lightweight helmet thanks to its composite fiber outer shell or for even more lightness the carbon model. The helmet is available in 6 colors such as fluorescent yellow or matte black. Regarding the inner shell of the helmet, it is made of high-density foam which is completely removable and washable in the event of perspiration. The helmet is ultra breathable for greater comfort during your ride or race, with two vents on the top of the helmet and a ventilation system on the chin guard. Concerning the noisy side of the helmet, it is very well soundproofed for riding at high speed and very aerodynamic.
Mârkö Helmets delivers the helmet with a smoked visor for use on the track with a wide field of vision and of course the motorcycle helmet is approved on the circuit.

The M-Fiber 2 full face helmet :

The M-Fiber 2 full face helmet is a versatile all-terrain motorcycle helmet, it will accompany you to cover hundreds of kilometers on dirt trails or on the highway. It can also be used for using a scooter helmet. The M-Fiber 2 is a touring helmet which has a clear visor and an integrated sunscreen treated with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment, Mârkö Helmets also offers two visors, one smoke and one iridium with pinlock included in the helmet accessories to prevent fog.
The M-fiber combines comfort and safety thanks to its micrometric buckle on the chin strap and its ventilation system on the helmet and inside with breathable foams that support your cheeks and protect the jaw in the event of a fall. Don't forget, for better protection during your two-wheel journeys, you must choose the right size of full-face helmets and the motorcycle equipment that goes with them, motorcycle gloves, jackets, etc.
The M-Fiber 2 can accommodate a Bluetooth intercom to communicate with your passenger during your road trips.

The M-Carbon full face helmet :

The M-Carbon helmet is identical to the M-Fiber 2, the only difference is its carbon composition. The advantage of the M-carbon sports-touring helmet is its versatility and lightness for exploring the roads. Whether you ride a custom, maxi-scooter or sports scooter, it will offer you the properties of a sports helmet and the comfort expected on long journeys. The M-Carbon has an integrated sun visor that can be folded down very easily with just one finger. Supplied with a Pinlock, it is also prepared to accommodate an intercom system. The entire shell can be removed very easily in order to be washed after a long motorcycle trip. Equipped with an efficient ventilation system, it will offer you the essential comfort if you are traveling in a hot climate. This model has the new ECE 22-06 approval

The M-Kid full face helmet :

With the M-KID full-face helmet you guarantee protection and safety for your child during your two-wheel journeys. Both perfect for taking to school and for covering hundreds of kilometers on family walks. Whether you ride a custom, scooter or sports bike, it will offer your children the properties of a sports helmet, the comfort and support expected on long journeys. The M-KID has an ultra-comfortable interior made of high-density foam and a combination of quality fabrics. The entire cap can be removed very easily in order to be washed. The helmet is equipped with an efficient ventilation system. Finally, the helmet has several colors from the most fun to the most sober!

Conclusion Mârkö Helmets Grand Touring ranges :

The Grand Tourisme range of full-face helmets is designed for athletes and for daily use on motorcycles or scooters for women, men and children. These are very versatile headsets that will adapt perfectly to your use.

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