MARKOM, compact high-definition intercom

To ensure that all your two-wheeled journeys are a superb experience and that you never miss out on being connected with your loved ones and with the other motorbikes that are riding with you, we have designed a kit that is easy to install and offers greater performance than those already offered in the past. 

Advanced signaling with Bluetooth® 4.0 enables MÂRKÖM to provide incoming and outgoing sound for music, phone calls, GPS instructions and intercom calls with other bikers up to 400m away.

A sleek design integrates all the components into a single piece, making installation quick and easy. Two simple buttons make it easy to adjust settings while riding, so you can start, pause and advance or rewind your playlist. What's more, each sound source has its own volume level that you can personalise to your taste. 

All registered MÂRKÖM owners have access to free SENA system updates, to ensure your MÂRKÖM performs at its best. An integrated voice guide helps you quickly get to know the features of your device.

400 meters70%
Bluetooth 4.180%
Charging port

Markom Bluetooth intercom - Marko Helmets

Mârkö presents to you : Intercom Markom
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