Whether you're a motorcyclist or a scooter rider who likes city riding, the Elements helmet will keep you cool under your helmet in the summer!

The Elements jet helmet has less coverage and is therefore lighter and better ventilated than a full-face helmet. It is still less protective than a full-face helmet, which will protect your chin.

The Elements is more compact, so you can easily stow it under your seat if you're on a scooter or in your top case. With its injected polycarbonate shell and alcantara lining, the Elements motorbike and scooter helmet will give you protection and comfort on a daily basis, making your journeys a pleasure.

This aesthetic appeal is not at the expense of the helmet's comfort and practical features.

It is fitted with a clear, anti-scratch, mid-length screen to give you good, easy visibility while cutting you off from the wind.

Its micrometric buckle lets you lock it in an instant and adapt it to any body shape.

The Elements helmet is certified to the new ECE 22-06 approval

Very comfortable80%
Field of view
One of the widest on the market90%

* visière aviateur (courte) offerte en plus de la visière longue.

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