Marko Helmets launches its new 2024 model, the Dark Side! This is a neo-retro full-face helmet with a unique look and clean lines. The helmet is made from a composite fibre or carbon shell. Its long, smoked visor gives it a style that leaves no one indifferent, and breaks all the codes! The Dark Side is unique and aggressive. This helmet has been designed to suit vintage motorbike enthusiasts as well as sportsmen, with its carbon version for greater lightness and the new ECE22.06 approval.

The big novelty is the full black visor, right down to the screws, and the sloping design that gives the illusion of riding with a jet, but with the safety of a full-face helmet. The Dark Side is predisposed to integrate a mask and thus show another facet of its design, this time with the visibility of its slim, low chin strap that provides protection in the event of a fall. The helmet is extremely comfortable, with a black alcantara interior. This can be removed and washed. The helmet's soundproofing has been designed to reduce resonance at high speeds, so you can ride for hours in absolute comfort.

You can integrate an intercom. The smoked visor is supplied with the helmet, as is a clear visor, a feature appreciated by two-wheeled riders.

appreciated by two-wheelers. The helmet package includes a cover and a carry bag, so you can keep your helmet safe even when you're on the move.

The helmet is available in a range of colours, all sold with a smoked visor. All you have to do is choose the style that's right for your bike. The Dark Side combines elegance, safety, lightness and comfort in a neo-retro look and will be your ideal partner for your motoring adventures.

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