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Intercom :

Mârkö Helmets has developed an intercom called the Markom so that your two-wheel journeys are shorter and you can communicate with your passenger or make calls with ease.

The motorcycle intercom allows you to be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to listen to music, get GPS instructions or make phone calls and communicate with other motorcyclists up to 400 m away.

A streamlined design integrates all components into one piece, making installation quick and easy. Two simple buttons make adjustments while driving easy so you can start, pause, and skip forward or backward your playlist.

The MÂRKÖM provides very high audio quality sound thanks to its high definition stereo speakers, new Bluetooth® 4.1 and Noise Advanced Noise Control™ technology which reduces surrounding noise. The headset allows up to 8 hours of talk time on a single charge with a USB C cable and up to seven days of standby time. The intercom is compatible with all Android and IOS phones

B8 motorcycle masks:

History :

The B8 Goggle Replica borrows the sober lines of its illustrious ancestor developed during the Second World War for the Bombers of the Royal Air Force flying at night. Mârkö has modernized its ancestor to make the mask lighter and more compact.

The mask :

The B8 mask can match a vintage or more sporty style and allows you to ride much faster than with a classic pair of glasses and, above all, in complete safety.

The mask will protect your eyes from the various inconveniences that you may encounter on two wheels, the lenses are anti-scratch and anti-UV treated for your eyes. The mask will be supplied with brown lenses. it is a mask that will bring you comfort while driving thanks to its triple-thickness foam, its wide field of vision and its ventilation. This mask will be suitable for all types of helmet, from lacrosse to jet including a vintage or sports full face helmet.

B3 motorcycle masks :

History :

Inspired by aviation, the Mârkö Helmets mask entitled B3 Goggle Replica takes its name from the incredible American B-3 bomber from Northrop Grumman.

The Marko brand wanted a mask with a more vintage look than its predecessor, the B8, while retaining the technical characteristics that make the B8 Google Replica a commercial success.

The mask :

The B3s are designed to have a wide field of vision. The 3cm wide elastic is adjustable and siliconized for a good fit on the motorcycle helmet. The eyepieces are treated against scratches and protect against UV rays. The glasses also come with translucent, interchangeable lenses as well as a microfiber bag used both to store your glasses and to clean them.

If you wear prescription glasses, don't worry, notches for the temples of your glasses have been designed to accommodate them. Finally, the motorcycle mask is comfortable thanks to its leather rim and foam interior.

Visors and their accessories :

Mârkö Helmets offers different visors for sale for their helmets. You have the choice between a classic transparent visor for example to replace the original one in the event of an impact! But also an iridium visor for the M-Fiber 2 helmet or the M-JET Fiber for a sporty look, you have the possibility for these two motorcycle helmets to also opt for a smoked visor in order to reduce the brightness against the sun. The brand also offers the smoked visor on the Full Moon and the Héra 2.

You have the possibility of changing the Boréal visor with two shades, either the classic smoke or a clear smoke which will provide more brightness when driving on two wheels and it will increase the contrast and allow you to better discern details, better read the road, including on cloudy days.

You can add an anti-fog pinlock to the visors for more comfort while driving.

Finally, Mârkö sells screw kits for the Boréal and the Full Moon, this kit allows you to change the color of the screws that hold the visor to black, silver or rose gold. All its options allow you to have a helmet customized to your taste and unique!

Motorcycle helmet Peak :

The French brand offers you 3 types of caps in 2 different colors: black and white. The caps fit all helmets thanks to its adjustable fastening system with 3 pressure buttons, they are anti-scratch treated. The primary purpose of the cap is to protect you from projectiles when you are motocross and secondly to have a sunshade effect to protect your eyes.

The classic helmet from Mârkö Helmets fits perfectly

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