Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ
    Casque Moto Jet ELEMENTS -MÂRKÖ

    Motorcycle helmet jet Elements - Marko Helmets

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    The Elements jet helmet ECE22-06 from Marko Helmets

    Whether you're a motorcyclist or a scooter rider who likes to ride in the city or go for a ride, the Elements motorbike helmet will keep you riding in style and won't get too hot under your helmet in the summer thanks to its breathable fabric and natural ventilation!

    The Elements scooter helmet has less coverage, so it's lighter and better ventilated than a full-face helmet.
    The Elements is more compact, so you can easily stow it under your seat if you're on a scooter or in your top case. Thanks to its injected polycarbonate shell and alcantara lining, the Elements motorbike and scooter helmet will give you protection and comfort on a daily basis, making your journeys a pleasure. The Elements has been certified to the new ECE 22-06 standard since December 2023.

    This vintage-style aesthetic does not detract from the helmet's comfort and practicality.

    It is fitted with a long clear screen to give you good, easy visibility while cutting you off and protecting you from wind, rain and projectiles. It also comes with an aviator-style visor for a more retro look and summer use. Its micrometric buckle lets you lock it in an instant and adapt it to every head shape.

    Technical specifications:

    Sizes: XS to XL.
    Weight : 1000 g ( +/- 50g )
    Certification : ecer22-06

    • Supplied with a carry bag and reflective stickers.
    • Polycarbonate shell
    • Supplied with 2 visors, one long and one short aviator-style.
    • Removable and washable alcantara interior.
    • Micrometric closure.
    • Wide field of vision.

    Compatible with Markom intercom

    Type d'équipement
    Casque moto jet
    Livré avec housse
    Type de coque
    Produit homologué selon les normes CE
    Attache jugulaire
    Micrométrique (attache rapide)
    Ecran solaire
    Intérieur démontable et lavable
    Porteur de lunettes
    XS au XL
    1000 gr (+/- 50gr)
    30 Items

    Know your helmet size

    Marko Helmets Here are some tips that will allow you to properly appreciate the morphology of your head, in order to correctly choose your Marko helmet. Whatever safety gear you buy to ride a two-wheeler should be taken seriously and deserves professional advice. This is why we are at your disposal by phone or online chat to advise you and offer you the Marko Helmets helmet that best suits your body type.

    My Marko Helmets helmet size?

    To find your helmet size, you must have a tape measure. If you don't have one, take a piece of string and a ruler to report the length you find. Place the tape measure or string about 2.5 cm above your eyebrows, where your skull is widest.

    Once you have found your height in centimeters, please refer to the table above. It sometimes happens that we are between two sizes, in this case we advise you to choose the smaller size. It is better to have a slightly too small helmet with a little discomfort (time for the foam to settle), than to have a large and therefore dangerous helmet.

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